Change through involvement

We empower organisations to change themselves and their world through involvement. Workz is a Copenhagen-based change agency specialised in change management, leadership development and the design of game-based tools for involvement and training.

We help our clients with three key enablers for change:

  • To communicate a clear direction by answering the most important questions; where are we going? and why? 
  • To build commitment and ownership by creating meaning and motivating people to partake in the journey. 
  • To enable action and make it possible for people to contribute by providing the right competencies, tools and structures.

Change is about people taking action with passion, purpose and in a common direction.

Our consultancy services and tools are used globally by industry leaders within a number of sectors including finance, service, pharmaceuticals, biotech, food, IT, energy, engineering and shipping.

We look forward to being your partner in change.


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