Masterclass – Strategic storytelling

How can we use storytelling as a strategic tool to build shared understanding, identity and passion in our organisations? And how can leaders and change agents use dramaturgy to create high-performing teams and excitement behind important transformations? 

First we shape stories about our world, and afterwards the stories shape us    

This masterclass is about how we can use storytelling as a strategic tool in complex organisatioins. An intensive crash-course that links relevant theories and inspirational cases with practical tools and personal reflection.     

We will look at how strategic storytelling can help us:

  • Understand complex issues and challenges.
  • Create a strong and meaningful core story that can guide internal and external communication.
  • Design meaningful summits, events and change processes.
  • Inspire work with customer journeys, service design and innovation.
  • Understand and work with organisational resistance and sense-making.

The masterclass is not about how to be a better presenter or personal storyteller. It is about how to use storytelling as a tool to analyse a strategic situation and build a meaningful end engaging narrative.


The masterclass combines different training activities:

  1. Short inspirational presentations on relevant theories and cases.  
  2. Lots of hands-on training where we learn to use a variety of tools by applying them on real cases and challenges.
  3. Team work where we share our challenges and give/receive feedback on our individual cases.
  4. Individual reflections and work on how the insights from the masterclass are used afterwards.   

During the two days, you will:

  • Get a deep understanding of the role and importance of storytelling on a societal, organisational and personal level.
  • Get inspiration from relevant theories within neuroscience, behavioural design and dramaturgy.    
  • Learn how to create a strong core story for your brand, organisation or transformation. 
  • Gain a variety of tangible tools and concepts that can be used when working with both internal and external communication and engagement.   
  • Inspiration from sharing experiences and ideas with other practitioners from leading organisations. 
  • A clear plan for how you can use strategic storytelling in the projects you are working on right now.
  • A copy of the book Third Generation Storytelling/Medfortæller by Ask Agger.

Target group

This masterclass is relevant for you if you wish to improve your skills and toolbox within strategic storytelling. 

Perhaps you work in an internal or external communications function, you might be responsible for designing important summits or change processes, or you could be the manager of a department or team undergoing difficult transformations. 

The masterclass will be in English.

Time The intense two-day class takes place from 10:00-17:00 on the first day and from 8:30-15:00 on the second.
Price The price is 9,000 DKK including catering.
Early bird discount of 25% if you sign up no later than March 1, 2019.