Morning talk - the MINDstrain method

What if everything you thought you knew about stress was wrong? What if changing how you think about stress can affect the way you experience stress and reduce its harmful effects?

Stress is still on the increase. It’s found in every country, every type of organization and every age group. Stress is easy to identify, but hard to cure. Or so it seems. A way to turn this around is to realize that we ourselves have the power to prevent stress. The MINDstrain method is a simple, effective method to help you do just that.

Join our inspirational morning talk on June 25th and learn about the underlying evidence-based metacognitive research and the great potential the MINDstrain method holds for you and your organization. In addition, you will get an exclusive insight into the latest developments of how the method is taught in an interactive way – by using gamification.

The positive effects of the MINDstrain method are already well documented, and it is currently used by HR professionals in the UK, Germany, Norway, Sweden and Denmark by organizations such as Ørsted, COWI, Securitas, Ballerup municipality and If Insurance. As a way to make it more accessible, the owners of MINDstrain Stig Sølvhøj and Katrine Sejersen are teaming up with serious games experts Workz to develop a game that introduces the method in an interactive way.

Why use a game for MINDstrain training?

Gamification has a strong emphasis on interaction and exploration. This makes it a very efficient tool for learning. By adding a game component to teach the MINDstrain method, users experience learning points visually and spatially in ways that make them easier to understand, share and revisit. The game itself also serves as a talking piece to start a dialogue about stress with peers or colleagues.

The game is currently under development and at this morning talk, you will get the chance to look behind the scenes and experience the basic concept of the game. After the showcase, you will get the opportunity to pre-order the game at a favorable price.

Do you want to challenge your assumptions about stress and learn more about MINDstrain? Then sign up today!

The event is free of charge and runs from 9:00-11:00 am.