Organising the Engaging Summit

UPDATE: 1 This symposium has been scheduled since November, but we have decided to include the current challenges of the Coronavirus on the agenda. Come and join an open dialogue on how to ensure alignment, networking and knowledge sharing in a post-corona environment. 

UPDATE 2: As of March 10, we are no longer able to host participants physically at the Workz office, however, you can sign up below and attend a live stream or ask to receive a recording of the event.

Please download the Zoom app using this link:

Organising large-scale summits is often a recurring event and in that sense, it is business as usual. Just as often it is a big operation, and maybe that is why it is tempting to start planning by revisiting the playbook from the previous year. The challenge of designing an engaging summit typically sneaks in when nobody bothers to update the playbook.

At Workz, we like to think of summits as a balancing act. On one hand, you want to pass on crucial messages about your strategic vision, call attention to large scale goals and forecast upcoming challenges. On the other, you also want to engage every single participant, tap into the hive mind in the crowd and give them the opportunity to provide input to the messages coming from center stage.

You might be on stage, but you need to share the spotlight 

Unfortunately, the balance all too often ends up favoring the woman with the microphone. These are tough conditions for employee engagement. Leaders and specialists in the audience are at risk of spending most of their time as passive listeners rather than active, valuable participantsThat’s why you need to share the spotlight, get them involved and stop thinking of them as just an audience. 

One-way communication and death by Powerpoint

So how do you put together a summit that clearly communicates what you want and still leaves room for engagement? That’s what we will be discussing at our symposium on March 19.

We will draw on experience and expert knowledge when we talk about:

  • How can we rethink the format of summits to support what do we hope to gain from them AND to make them future proof considering the outbreak of the Coronavirus?
  • How do we partially or fully incorporate virtual elements?
  • How can we align the overall strategic objectives with participant engagement? 
  • How can we use engagement to make participants able and happy to return to their desk and execute?

We will be looking at different organizations and how they have used engagement to extract more value from their summits, and we invite you to share your thoughts and experience on creating engaging summits. 

Engaging summits in the shadow of the Coronavirus

We then turn our attention to the current current situation. Across the globe the Coronavirus is now responsible for broken supply chains, empty stores, and the cancellation of meetings and events. The latter is especially important for us because summits are a big part of what we do.

Workz will elaborate on the alternatives we see to the large physical summit, and together we will discuss the issues we are facing right now and whether the Coronavirus could be a catalyst for re-thinking the future of global summits. 


  • Berit Vincentz Andersen, Chief Communications Consultant, and Lisa Gubi Mørz, Head of Internal Communications will talk about learnings from Danske Bank's latest top-management conference.


  • Søren Vikkelsø, Head of Executive Office at COWI will talk about summits as an opportunity to provide feedback to top management and a way to involve participants during and after the event with attention to their roles and responsibilities.

  • Marie Marvel and Klaus Meier, consultants at Workz, will talk about our strategies to help organisations affected by the Coronavirus and the benefits and opportunities of digital og virtual meetings.  

The format

The format of the symposium is simply a mix of inspirational cases, peer-to-peer work in groups and discussions in plenary. We share war stories, exchange best practice and discuss our challenges.


The symposium is for decision makers from large organisations with responsibility for larger summits, strategy roll-out, organisational change and specialists working with organisational culture, HR or leadership development.  

The venue

Due to the circumstances this has transformed into a digital event. The symposium takes place online from 1:00 - 4:00 pm on March 19. If you have already signed up, you will receive a link via email as well.