Symposium - Anchoring sustainability

What does a truly sustainable business look like?

More and more companies are getting serious about social responsibility and sustainability, and the UN Sustainable Development Goals are now becoming a natural part of the conversation at many board meetings. This is excellent progress of course but the best of intentions are futile without the ability to execute. So the big question is - how do we bring sustainability into the core of our company culture and our business models?   

At this symposium, we invite thought leaders and key practitioners across industries and sectors to share their insights on how we can get the sustainability agenda out of the board rooms and into the cultural DNA and commercial operations of our companies.

Informal sharing between peers

The format of the symposium is very simple - everybody contributes and the process is designed with a mix of short inspirational cases and reflection in small teams and in plenary. We share war stories, exchange best practice and discuss our challenges and concerns.  

Case presenters

  • Maja Møller - Arla, Senior Manager, Stakeholder Relations & Public Affairs.
  • Louise Koch - Dell, Corporate Sustainability Director.
  • Nanja Hedal Kløverpris - Novo Nordisk, Project Lead, Corporate Environmental Strategy.
  • Ask Agger - CEO at Workz.


When and who?

The symposium is for decision makers and top specialists from large organisations that has sustainability as a cornerstone of the company purpose and commercial strategy. From people with responsibility for business development, strategy execution or commercial operations to experts working with organisational culture, HR or leadership development.     

The symposium takes place from 13.00 to 16.00 on May 29th, 2019. Participation is free of charge.