Symposium - Diversity for business

Join us at Workz for an afternoon focusing on the untapped potential of diversity.

Studies show what we intuitively know - teams and organisations perform better when they are made up of different types of people, with differing approaches, who are able to bring their fullest and most authentic selves to work.

In these fast-changing times, companies need to make sure they get the best people and get the most out of their (best) people. One way of doing that, is to hire a diverse range of people and to focus on developing all talents regardless of gender, ethnicity, culture etc.  Another way is to create a culture, and systems approach, that enables and encourages people to act in a fully diverse manner.


The business case for diversity
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It sounds great – but how is it achieved?

What does it take and how do organisations need to change, in order to gain the full potential of a diverse approach to leadership, recruitment and strategy? What are the internal barriers to creating a diverse team and leading it? How can the full potential and value of both organisation and people be released through diversity?  

To discuss this, we have invited three experts, who will speak through the lens of gender diversity:

Tina Moe

Professional Board Member, Executive Coach and Author of the book Leadership of the Future. 

Tina Moe has more than 20 years leadership experience within pharma, IT and engineering from companies such as Novo Nordisk, NNE Pharmaplan and Alectia. She has a M.Sc. and a PhD from The Technical University of Denmark. For several years Tina has given talks on leadership of the future, based on the paradigm from her book by the same name

Charlotte Kirkegaard

Director at E-QUALITY

Charlotte Kirkegaard works professionally with gender equality at a national and international level. She has worked with the Danish Ministry of Gender Equality, the Nordic Ministers Council, The European Council, EU and UNDP. She has also worked with larger Danish Companies on promoting female leadership. Charlotte is currently writing a handbook on how companies and organisations should change in order to include female leaders and diversity.

Lotte Hjortlund Andersen

People & Culture Director at ISS

Lotte works as People- and Culture director with ISS, a company which focuses a great deal on diversity, both within culture, ethnicity and gender. Lotte will talk about actual cases at ISS and how ISS has made it an embedded part of both their organization and their CSR-strategy to focus on diversity – and how they have succeeded.

When and who?

The symposium is for anyone who works with recruitment, culture or in large and small organisations that has (or should have) a diversity policy.

The symposium takes place from 13.00 to 16.00 on February 27th, 2019.