Sofie Bangsgaard

Graphic Designer | Design and development

Sofie Bangsgaard is a versatile graphic designer and illustrator with strong skills in development and expansion of corporate identities, eye catching visual storytelling, and innovative information graphics.

As a part of Workz’ team of graphic designers, she handles a variety of visual projects from the first conceptual sketches to final implementation and print production.

Sofie holds a double degree in Visual Communication from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design and in Art History from The University of Copenhagen. She joined Workz in January 2015 after three years at various agencies and as a freelancer, where she obtained extensive design and illustration experience working for clients such as DR (Danish Broadcast), Realdania, Novozymes, Visit Denmark, Pandora, Maersk, Dong, Zentropa and Mandag Morgen Weekly.

Sofie is always on the lookout for fresh input and never stops analysing the visual culture around her – that goes for everything from high art and comic books to street signs. Her keen interest in combining old school tools such as graphite pen, indian ink, and watercolor on paper with the vast possibilities of digital design inspires her to push the boundaries of the look and feel of corporate illustrations and infographics.

Besides working, Sofie enjoys hanging out with her lovely family of four.