Voters of the future

Workz will be playing a small part in shaping the future of Danish democracy by helping to educate the young voters.

The Danish Parliament has just awarded Workz and our partners in the Engage Society consortium the contract for developing and producing the next version of the popular learning game Politician for a Day.

Politician for a Day is a digitally enhanced, live-action roleplaying game, where students aged 14-16 take on the roles of politicians negotiating and voting on new legislation.

The game teaches the kids how the Danish parliament and legislative proces works as well as how the politicians interact with society. 

These are some of the words from the selection committee:

“Comprehensible, with a good flow and the right complexity for the target audience. The solution elegantly delivers on the purpose of the roleplaying game and is founded on very clear learning principles. […] elegantly mirrors the legislative process, with a focus on dialogue, exploring attitudes and developing of democratic confidence.”

We’re looking forward to working with our three amazing partners: exhibition and political roleplaying developers Expology and MediaFarm, both from Norway, and Danish film giant Metronome.

Workz will be heading the development of the roleplaying game and learning materials. We are supported by Skolen i Spil and Participation Design Agency.

Researchers from Aalborg University (Thorkild Hanghøj) and Aarhus University (Andreas Lieberoth Wadum) will also play an important part in shaping the final game.

For us at Workz, this is one of those projects that is so much more than business – it is a unique opportunity to strengthen the democratric literacy of future voters.