Anniversary – 10 years of change that matters

10 years ago, at the eclipse of the financial crisis, we cut our roots to the movie company Zentropa, and Workz was formed as an independent change agency. It has been an amazing adventure since then with countless great projects, wonderful people and our share of ups and downs. 

Our passion for involvement, learning, storytelling and game-based tools is unchanged, but we are also a very different and much more international company today.  

On October 11, we would like to celebrate this journey and the great colleagues who have been along for the whole ride – Vibeke Nielsen, Ditte Marie Kaae, Svend Ask Larsen, Morten Jaeger, Anders Skovgaard-Winther and Max Møller.

We therefore hope that you will join us on October 11 for an informal and festive reception from 14.00 to 18.00 at our office in downtown Copenhagen. DJ Rosa Lux is dropping by to play some sweet tunes.

Kind regards, 
Ask Agger, on behalf of the Workz Team

P.S: Dive into our history by visiting our timeline.