Combined Wallbreakers® and Bridgebuilders® certification in San Diego

Lack of team preparation and change management training is one of the key reasons why most companies struggle when it comes to organizational change.

In sports, the professional approach is to fine-tune team performance and collaboration in the training court before playing the real match. You try to leave behind the worst mistakes and misunderstandings. In most organizations that rarely happens.

But what do we do to prepare ourselves when it really matters in big organizations? How often do we gather the team for a training session before launching a new strategy or implementing a big change project?

Workz’ award winning leadership simulations offer a highly efficient training environment where leaders can train before the ‘real match’.

WALLBREAKERS® trains the people skills needed to lead people go through a change, successfully. The tool has been used by more than 30.000 leaders worldwide, across multiple industries. Most leaders have a change management toolbox but miss the most central element; how people react to a change. For more information, click here.

BRIDGEBUILDERS® focuses on how to build efficient and coherent teams across distances and cultures, while creating and maintaining good stakeholder relations and adhering to the fundamentals of good leadership. For more information, click here.

As a certified facilitator you will be able to help leaders train and test different strategies before it really matters.

You will get:

  • Understanding of how game-based simulations can accelerate learning and organizational efficiency.
  • Hands-on experience and theoretical insights.
  • The skills and competencies to facilitate the simulations.
  • An opportunity to network with other professionals
  • A unique tool that guarantees full engagement and efficient learning 

The certification course is for professionals who work with training, change and leadership development in large organizations, either in an internal capacity or as external consultants or academics. Previous experience with facilitation and leadership training is highly recommended.

If you do not have three days available, it is possible to only be certified in one of the simulations. Join us for the first two days (the 2nd and 3rd) for the Wallbreakers®  simulation, or the two last two days (3rd – 4th)) for Bridgebuilders®.

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