Combined Wallbreakers® and Bridgebuilders® certification in San Diego

November 2nd-4th, 2018

Are you interested in boosting your organization’s change management skills as well as training your leaders' skills in team leadership across cultural distances?

– Then read on!


This certification workshop is for professional trainers who work with leadership development in complex organizations. As a certified trainer, you can facilitate the Wallbreakers and/or Bridgebuilders leadership simulations as stand-alone training workshops as well as integrated parts of larger training programs and corporate academies.   

The certification workshop is an intensive three day event where you play the simulations, get a thorough introduction to the theoretical foundation, and learn how to utilise and facilitate the simulations in your organization or with your clients.  


The leadership simulations Wallbreakers and Bridgebuilders are the focus of the certification. In addition to learning about the tools, you will also get a deep understanding of the theories behind them. You will learn how they, in Wallbreakers, integrate with popular theories about personality types, organizational culture and change processes, and for Bridgebuilders, how it integrates with the most recognized research about virtual teams, cultural traits and leadership in matrix organizations.

We will train how to integrate the tools in different contexts and use situations, and you will learn how to combine the simulations with a variety of reflection exercises and mini-games.

Last but not least, y
ou will get an opportunity to network with other professional trainers and share your insights and best practices.  


Please get in touch with us for more information, or sign up for one or both certifications using the link in the sidebar – and we will get back to you.

Please note, that the certification workshops are for professional trainers within leadership development. Previous experience with facilitation and leadership training is highly recommended.

To learn more about content and pricing, please contact us at or use the ‘Sign up’ button in the sidebar.

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Only have time for one simulation?

If you do not have three days available, it is possible to only be certified in one of the simulations. Join us for the first two days (the 20th and 21st) for the Wallbreakers simulation, or the two last two days (the 21st and 22nd) for Bridgebuilders.

Please write in the note field on the sign up form, which simulations you are interessted in.