Master Class – Change Leadership

How do we lead strategic transformations with momentum and engagement? And how can we handle organisational resistance and ensure that all our colleagues are motivated to, and knows how to, contribute?  

Our traditional approach to leading change is flawed 

“70% of change projects fail” concluded John Kotter in 1995 and since then, these discouraging odds have been confirmed by numerous, yearly studies. Perhaps more critical, resent research shows that 15-30% of all digital transformation is a complete waste, failing to deliver any value at all. Our traditional approach to leading change is flawed. 

The good news is, that it is the same mistakes that we tend to repeat again and again. We underestimate the human-aspect of change and ignore the need for the leadership side of managing change.   

This master class is about change leadership. An intensive crash-course where we link relevant theories and inspirational cases with practical tools and personal reflection.     


The master class combines different training activities:

  1. Short inspirational presentations on relevant theories and cases.  
  2. Experimental training and playful exercises, including the leadership simulation Wallbreakers®.   
  3. Team work where we share our challenges and give/receive feedback on our individual cases.
  4. Individual reflections and work on how the insights from the masterclass are used afterwards.   

During the two days, you will get:

  • Inspiration on the human side of change including insight from a variety of relevant theories and approaches. 
  • A better understanding of yourself as a change agent and clarity about your personal strong and weak sides as a leader.
  • A variety of tangible tools and concepts that can support both small and large transformations.   
  • A specific plan for how you can handle your team and/or the project that you are working on right now.

Target group

This master class is relevant for you if you work with transformations in large organisations and want to improve your knowledge and skills within change leadership. Perhaps you are the manager of a department or team undergoing big changes, you might work with leadership development in an HR function, or you could be responsible for the roll-out of one or more strategic projects. 

The master class will be in English.

Time The intense two-day class takes place from 10:00-17:00 on the first day and from 8:30-15:00 on the second.
Price The price is 9,000 DKK including catering.

There is an early bird discount of 25% if you sign up before January 1, 2019.

Time and price


The price is 9,000 DKK including catering. There is an early bird discount of 25% if you sign up before January 1, 2019.