Symposium – Empowerment and compliance

April 11th 13.00-16.00

How do we ensure that compliance becomes an integrated and natural part of organizational culture? And how do we combine compliance with the need for autonomy and empowerment? Can you have your cake and eat it too?

To succeed in the complex world of today, organisations need to be agile. We need a high degree of empowerment and local resourcefulness to be able to meet changing circumstances where they happen.

But as internal complexity accelerate, so does the need for alignment on goals and targets as well as shared practices. Add changing government regulations, business ethics and safety procedures to the mix and the need for compliance is ever-present. The current challenges of GDPR is only the latest example.

In the end we need a high degree of both, and settling for a compromise (or sweet spot) between the two is not the answer. We need to make sure that the right things get done the right way.

Join the symposium

Do you work with compliancy or empowerment in a large organisation? Then join us for a discussion on building, supporting and leading a compliance mindset that still allows for empowerment.

Gain inspiration from cases and new trends, and share you own thoughts and experiences with peers in the field. The program is a combination of inspirational presentations, group discussions and cases from industry leaders.

On the programme already is Jesper Rønnow Simonsen, former Director General for the Danish Tax Administration (SKAT), now senior advisor with the Nordic management consulting company, QVARTZ

The Symposium is free of charge and seats are limited. Please sign up and await a confirmation email from Workz.