Symposium – Future of Motivation

May 2nd 13.00-16.00

In the future, motivation will be even more crucial to getting business results. Digital innovations, organisational changes and increased global competition increase the importance of recruiting, developing and retaining talents, leaders and specialists.

Employees increasingly expect personal development, and to identify with the culture, values and purpose of their organisation. They need autonomy and high self-efficacy to deal with the ever-increasing complexity of the challenges they face.

What drives deep, inner motivation and self-efficacy, and how do they impact personal development, recruitment and retention of key employees? What is the current state of affairs for the way companies work with motivation, and what will shape the fields of performance management, employee engagement and team development in the years to come? How do we bridge the gap from best practice to next practice?

The program is a combination of inspirational presentations, group discussions and cases from industry leaders. We have two exiting external presenters:
David Helgason, founder of Unity Technologies, and Alex Abrahamsen, who is an expert in employee engagement at Maersk.  

The symposium is relevant for:

  • Executives in charge of leadership training, talent management, employee engagement or organisational development in large companies.
  • Managers and senior specialists who are designing and running corporate academies or other strategic HR programs.

The Symposium is free of charge and seats are limited. Please sign up and await a confirmation email from Workz.