Symposium: The quest for speed and agility

Fast, lean and agile. Modern companies act almost like professional athletes – they work vigorously to become faster, leaner and more agile than the competition. What does the ever-increasing demand for speed and flexibility mean for the way we lead, organise and train?  

At this afternoon symposium we take a deep look at the accelerating demand for speed and agility in complex modern organisations. From accelerated R&D processes and innovation of “minimum viable products” through fast sprints, to commercial agility where sales forces and marketing must be ready to adapt at very short notice to new customer demands or market developments. How do we organise, lead and train these organisations? And what kind of mindset and culture is needed to succeed?


Do you work with innovation, business development, R&D, leadership or change in a large organisation? Then join us, gain inspiration from cases and new trends, and share you own insights with peers in the field. The program is a combination of inspirational presentations, group discussions and cases from industry leaders.


  • Line Lyst, Head of Innovation, Rambøll
  • Signe Lagoni, Senior Director, Radiometer
  • Cecilie Willer, Corporate Entrepreneur, MobileLife, Danske Bank
  • Torben Bundgård, Vice President, Organisational Communication, Novo Nordisk
  • Ask Agger, Managing Director, Workz

The Symposium, which runs from 13.00 to 16.00, is free of charge and seats are limited. Please sign up and await a confirmation email from Workz.