Hans SIggaard Jensen

Advisory Board member | Advisory board

Hans Siggaard Jensen is Pro Dean of Strategic Development at Aarhus University School of Education, and is also co-owner of The Lime Guild A/S and responsible for research and development.

He has worked extensively with research as a knowledge creating process. As part of this he has vast knowledge of innovation and learning processes both from a research perspective as well as a corporate perspective. He has been part of many large corporate research projects looking at knowledge and learning linking it to value creation and the building of expertise in an organisation.

He has build the research institution Learning Lab Denmark from 0 to 120 researchers in 5 - 7 years. This institution recently merged with AAU/School of Education and is now the major part of the Institute of Learning at AU/School of Education.

Hans is a member of several boards amongst others ISSUU - a Web 2.0 on-line publishing venture. Prolog Development Centre - world leader in planning software for airlines healthcare and manufacturing industry. The Chaos Pilots - a Danish and now international degree programme in innovation and business development and part of the School of Business at Aarhus University. He is head of the program committee on Education and Creativity under the Danish Council for Strategic Research.

Specialties: Hans Siggaard Jensen specializes in research, innovation and learning. He has extensive experience with different approaches in these areas and is acknowledged as an inspirational and compelling teacher. His expertise enables him to analyse challenges of high complexity quickly and suggest new ways of approaching and solving a problem effectively.