Each year, the Danish Chamber of Commerce hosts an event for their business consultant members. In 2010 the subject of the event was the value created by business consultancy.

Workz designed and facilitated the entire event which took place at Børsen, Slotsholmen.

The 2010 event was the best event we have had so far

Alongside a number of presentations and interviews, the event contained a workshop to help the participants answer the questions; What do the customers demand? What values does the consultancy business deliver? How can we make this value more visible? And, finally, What are the pivotal challenges to the consultancy business in a time of crisis? 

180 participants from all parts of the consultancy business worked together on defining business challenges and coming up with corresponding solutions.

"The 2010 event was the best event we have had so far. All the participants were actively involved in the process of mapping the challenges that the consultancy business is facing. The end result formed a good picture of what challenges the consultancy business is facing and what can be done about them" says Lene Court-Payen, Market Director, the Danish Chamber of Commerce