Symposium: Strategy Activation

Strategy activation - a human-centred approach to change

As summer transitions to autumn, we enter the high season for strategy implementation. From kicking-off of new strategies to sustaining momentum behind ongoing strategic transformations that are yet to be fully implemented and anchored.

It is well documented, that the odds for successful strategy implementation are grim* – failure is more likely than success. In the current business environment, few companies have the time or resources to accept such high risks of failure – more than ever, we need to get strategy activation right.  

Join us in Copenhagen on September 12, from 15:00 - 18:00 where we focus on the human side of change and explore the challenges and best practices of strategy activation. In this informal symposium, hosted by Max Møller and Amanda Koppel, you will connect and share with kindred practitioners as we take a close look at inspiring cases and specific tools incl. the award-winning ‘Space 5’ strategy game that we had the pleasure to design with Mercedes-Benz Mobility.  

We will focus on three aspects of strategy activation:

  1. Creating a clear strategic direction and an engaging change narrative.
  2. Active involvement to building a strong sense of shared ownership and commitment behind the transformation.
  3. Enabling people to contribute and making an impactful difference.

The symposium is for anyone working internally in complex organisations with strategy, implementation, change communication and leadership development. The in-person event is free of charge with limited seating, so please secure your spot as soon as possible.

*In his seminal book from 1996, Leading Change, John Kotter famously argued that around 70% of all major change efforts fail. Since then, numerous studies have supported these depressing odds.