The history of Workz

Workz has a long and colourful history. Se some of the most important events on this timeline.

The Workz timeline

New chair(wo)man

Sanne Suvanto-Harsaae joined Workz as new Chairman of the Board

20+ partner companies

Our international network of local consultancies, who are certified to use our leadership simulations, has grown to more than 20 partners. 


Launch of Gamechangers, a new leadership simulation about strategy execution and stakeholder engagement. 

Leaving the nest

We leave Filmbyen and move to downtown Copenhagen next to the King’s Gardens. 

First international partner

Establishment of our international network of partners, starting with France and Sweeden. 

Merger and new name

Zentropa Interaction, Zentropa Workz and RIA are fused into Workz A/S. No longer a part of Zentropa, we are now an independent company with a sharpened focus on change through involvement.


Zentropa Workz pioneered co-creation and innovation training with two intensive summercamps in 2006 and 2007. Here top students helped large companies to solve essential challenges through co-creation.

Birth of Wallbreakers®

The first version of the leadership simulation Wallbreakers® is designed and produced by the company Reflection-in-Action (RIA).

Zentropa WorkZ joins the family

A new family-member, Zentropa WorkZ, added a new focus on innovation, co-creation and entrepreneurship.  

Zentropa Interaction is founded

The founding of our company, then named Zentropa Interaction, as a part of Zentropa, Scandinavia’s largest movie company. 

Zentropa calls

The movie company and Lars von Trier needed help with involvement, game design and interactive storytelling and turned to Ask Agger in a series of projects. This collaboration was the seed of what would later become Workz.