Leadership Simulations

What do we do to prepare ourselves when it really matters in big organisations? How often do we gather the team for a training or warm-up session before launching a new strategy or implementing a strategic change project?

In sports, the professional approach is to fine-tune team performance and collaboration in the training court before playing the real match. You try to leave behind the worst mistakes and misunderstandings.

In most organisations it rarely or never happens. There are no test matches or training sessions before the game starts. And therefore, we make too many unnecessary rookie mistakes when it really counts.

Lack of team preparation and change management training is one of the key reasons why most companies struggle when it comes to organisational change.

Why games and simulations?

Board game-based leadership simulations offer a highly efficient way to facilitate a “training environment” where team alignment and efficiency can be improved. It is about elevating the organisational change capability.

We offer a portfolio of generic leadership simulations for both virtual facilitation and face-to-face training. They address a range of essential leadership capabilities – from change management and team performance to stakeholder engagement and strategy execution.

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Using our simulations

Our leadership simulations are available in eleven different languages and have been used by more than 40.000 managers internationally.

To use our simulations, you can either be certified and facilitate them yourself or have Workz or one of our international partner companies help you run the game and the surrounding facilitation.