Custom-designed serious games

Do you have a change challenge, and do none of our generic games fit? Then have us design a custom game for you.

The complexity of the challenge you want to overcome, and the uniqueness of your situation determines whether a standard game  or a custom-made solution is right for you. The more specific your problem is, the greater the effect achieved by tailoring a solution. 

A variety of purposes

Typically a custom-made solution is used when a change of perspective is needed. When you need to involve managers and employees in mapping challenges and problems in the daily tasks, develop new ideas and ways of doing things and exchange best practices across departments.

A custom-made solution is effective in ensuring the implementation of a new strategy, changing inappropriate culture in the workplace or to utilise the potential for idea development and innovation.

We design bespoke simulations that can support both strategy development and execution.

We have developed business simulations for industry leaders within numerous sectors including shipping, service, pharmaceutical, accounting, telecommunication, and business intelligence.

We haven made training games for professions ranging from care professionals and service managers, through sales people and public affairs professionals to portfolio managers and compliance officers.

We have targeted everything from children in kindergarten, through blue-collar workforce, to highly trained specialists and top executives.

Battle-tested concept engines

Whenever possible, we suggests tailoring the solution using our library of concept game engines as the backbone.

In these engines the game dynamics, methodology and facilitation surrounding them have already been developed, rigorously tested and further refined through several versions.

The content, graphics and the learning goals, however, are always tailormade to the specific need of your situation.

How to use custom games

Depending on the complexity, the custom-made game or tool can be facilitated by our consultants, by your own HR people or by your local managers after they have received a facilitator guide and an introduction to working with the game or tool.