Leadership development

As the saying goes, “change management is about changing the management”. Leaders play a critical role in all transformations and as organisations change strategy and ways of working, their leadership practice and culture must adapt as well. Many change projects fall short because managers expect everybody else to change but themselves.   

At Workz, we focus on the human side of leadership – helping leaders understand themselves and the social context they are a part of. We do not advocate for a specific leadership approach or model but instead, we help organisations and leaders to understand, develop, and embed a pragmatic leadership practice that works in their specific circumstances.

Our services within leadership development cover a variety of needs and situations – from the development and roll-out of new leadership models and academy programs to just-in-time support of specific leadership teams in the midst of critical transformations. 

We believe in hard fun. The training experience should be engaging, challenging, relevant and fun. We use playfulness and gamification elements to support motivation and commitment without allowing for excessive competition to overshadow the experience. 

We aim to design and facilitate meaningful leadership conversations – as personal reflections and as deep and trustful discussions with peers. Psychological safety, self-reflection, critical thinking and learning to learn is the foundation for many of our projects. 

We believe in active learning and that the learning content should inform the training process and method, e.g. if we want leaders to be better storytellers, they should share stories as part of the training. If we want to help leaders build psychological safety, showing trust and being vulnerable needs to be part of the program.    

We see the biggest impact from leadership development when the training is closely linked to the immediate tasks and challenges that the participants are facing. Leaders should experience that news learnings are highly relevant and easily applicable.