Tina Petry Henriksen

Graphic Designer | Design and development

Tina is a graphic designer with a passion for creating imaginative, visual universes and layouts. She has a strong focus on the stories being conveyed through design and illustration and the emotions that it can invoke in the users. She is skilled in thinking in terms of motion and animation, which can sometimes aid her in making a product more intriguing or informative.

Tina is very dedicated and enjoys being part of every aspect of the design process – from thorough research and paper sketches to creating well thought-out and polished designs.

Tina has an educational background in Multimedia Design from Business Academy Aarhus and a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Communication, Interactive Design at The Danish School of Media and Journalism (DJMX).

Previously, she has worked at Brands of Tomorrow in London and the Copenhagen-based motion studio, Hvorfor ikk, where she gained experience in the fields of infographic design, web design and motion graphic design.

Outside of work, Tina likes to use her creativity in handcrafting, such as crocheting, while listening to the squeaky sounds of her guinea pigs, Målly and Gurli.