Public engagement

Connecting with an outside audience and engaging with external stakeholders is not easy. You want to communicate your message in a meaningful and exciting way while building trust and creating a bond that outlives the moment.

This is as true for a museum wanting to teach school kids about the Cold War as it is for a company wanting to strengthen vendor collaborating across the value chain, or a municipality conducting a citizen town hall before starting major construction. 

To make your message stand out in the first place, you want to think in terms of building experiences. We no longer have the luxury of just benching an audience in front of you and talking to them one-way in a linear fashion. We all expect more.

You also want to manage the complexity of your agenda to survive in the fight for attention. On one side of this balancing act, you risk sharpening your message to the point where it becomes overly simplified, on the other, you maintain so much grayscale that your position becomes fragile and confusing.

To create lasting effect, you must invite and encourage an external audience to become engaged participants. You must change your focus from the key messages you are trying to get across to the conversations you want to take place.

At Workz, we believe in the power of designed dialogues to scale and engage and that an experience outlives a thousand words.

We use storytelling, gamification and the visual arts to get the attention of an audience and transform learning objectives into memorable moments and clear and compelling narratives.

We use graphics design, didactive design and the rest of the communication toolbox to show meaning in the complex while keeping the nuances that inspire trust and invite the participants to find their own way.

We use process consultancy and service design to transform communication into dialogue, collaboration and maybe even co-creation.