Specialist training

To keep up with the evolving business landscape, modern organisations need a constant updating and retooling of the skills and knowledge of their employees.

Corporate specialist training programs face a series of challenges in their ambition to keep the workforce up to date.

You must ballance the needs for specialisation and simplification on one side, with a more complex and holistic understanding on the other. Some topics are black and white with clear right and wrong answers, while others are all greyscale with no right answers or the right answer being whatever the group thinks.

The learning format must cater to the range of learning styles and preferences, and the right learning platform must be selected. From remote learning to face-to-face classrooms. From individualised “snack size” training to companywide programs. From awareness, over tools mastery, to in-depth understanding.

At Workz, we specialise in the design of engaging and scalable games-based training that adds a reflective and conversational layer to the learning process.

We believe in the power of double loop learning. Of making the students reflect on their own assumptions and beliefs as part of the training. We use roles and rules to facilitate such conversations and go from reflection to action.

We also believe in the power of the narrative desire to motivate learning. Through storytelling, we make students actively seek out new knowledge to move the fiction along.

We use gamification to make complex messages accessible and let the trainees explore new strategies and ways of working in a safe environment. Gamification also makes it possible to scale a conversation and replicate it across an entire organisation.

We are fans of face-to-face training and believe we can help get the most out of the time spent together, but we are also comfortable designing for virtual and remote learning, knowing that the need for structure and excitement are even bigger when we have to engage at a distance.