Anders Skovgaard Winther

Head of Design and Development | Consultants, Design and development, Management, Partner

Anders is a partner and part of the management team of Workz. As Head of Design and Development he manages our internal product development and leads our team of graphic designers and content developers.

As a consultant Anders mainly works with strategy development, strategic storytelling, and large scale events. He also has extensive experience in the design and development of dialogue tools and serious games.

Anders approaches his job through the field of interaction design. He has a keen eye for social interaction, user motivation and process design that he uses to design interactive concepts that are bothuser-friendly, meaningful and effective.

Before joining Workz Anders worked for seven years in Danish Broadcast (DR) doing youth oriented concept development, focusing on the community design, user-generated content and games.

He started his career as a student of medieval history, but later changed track to study interaction design at IT University of Copenhagen. He did his masters thesis on user motivation in interactive television.

Anders has a background in the Danish roleplaying scene, where he has been active for more than 20 years as a storyteller and game designer. He lives in Jelling with his wife and their family of four kids.

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