Kick-off with a thousand young talents

Even the most talented young networkers need help to get things rolling. As a partner, Workz helped kick this year's UNLEASH programme off.

In August 2017, UNLEASH launched a global innovation lab bringing together people from all over the world to transform personal insights into ideas, and build lasting global networks around the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Just under a thousand young talents from 129 countries were selected to join one of 10 week-long innovation and co-creation workshops at various Danish "højskoler".

Workz helped design and run two events at the kick-off summit in Copenhagen; an icebreaker and a speed innovation workshop.

The icebreaker had all the young talents interact and network with each other during an hour of fun exercises. By moving around and solving tasks in groups, they explored what bound them together and in what ways they were different. Connections were made, there were lots of smiles in the hall and a high level of energy.

The innovation workshop combined a dialogue tool driven proces with six partner cases incl. Microsoft and Grundfos. Divided into themes, the talents worked on giving their perspectives to concrete challenges in fields such as urban sustainability, circular economy and the future of health and education. At the end, more than 200 solutions were handed in, demonstrating not only the potential of having the talents work together, but also giving valuable insights and perspectives to the partner organisations.

Workz is happy to have played a small role in helping UNLEASH reach its goal. You can find the results and read about the winning ideas here.

UNLEASH continues next year where a new class of global talents will work on developing the future.