Leadership Bridge Simulator™

How does the management group cooperate and communicate under pressure? Which leadership talent is best equipped to prioritise and delegate? Who takes responsibility, when the strategy fails and you only have a split second to come up with a new plan?

A really exciting concept for developing leadership talents

Take you management group through a leadership bridge simulator where the participants must cooperatively control a spaceship – Star Trek-style.

The participants take turns managing the functions on the bridge – from Pilot to Weapons Officer to Engineer and Captain.

We will set up a room resembling the bridge of a spaceship with a large screen in the centre and each participant is equipped with a unique touchschreen adapted to the function. In that way they the Engineer has an overview of the spaceship's energy supply and controls the resource allocation while the Weapons Officer can charge and fire weapons and the Communications Officer communicates with other spaceships. The only function without a unique interface is the Captain who must cooperate with his or her team in order to get information and perform the necessary actions. The setup ensures an intensive and engaging framework that is tailored to test and train pivotal leadership and cooperation competencies.

"In ISS we have been delighted to use Workz' Leadership Bridge Simulator when developing leadership talents. It is a really exciting concept for training which can be applied in many ways" says Christian Lauritzen, Head of Group Learning and Development, ISS 


  • For new managers as an intensive introduction to the many facets of the management role. A great help when introducing pivotal managerial disciplines and to uncover developmental needs. You get a more humble perception of the manager's role when you for the first time sit in the captain's chair and all team members look to you for clear orders.
  • For assessment and development of leadership talents. The intensive missions of the simulation create a perfect framework for quickly exposing managerial strengths and weaknesses. You get instant feedback on bad decisions and it is immediately evident when communication and responsibilities become unclear.
  • To strengthen the cooperation in a management team. We can adapt the difficulty and professional focus of the simulation in a way that challenges and trains certain aspects of a management team's performance. How do you deal with being ambushed by alien spaceships? Who takes over if the captain is wounded? How do you make the necessary decisions when the "infallible" plan is challenged by an emergency call from a space base?
  • As an icebreaker in getting the management group or the board of directors together. Training with the bridge simulator combines professional development with a powerful and fun shared experience. The level of commitment is skyrocketing and you also get a high level of team building during the demanding missions. 


We offer a range of standard simulations and tailored modules where the missions are fine-tuned in relation to particular wishes and needs.

A typical simulation lasts 4-6 hours and follows a course where the participants after an initial training mission take turns being the captain.

An advanced scoring system enables competition between teams and it is possible to have more elaborate set-ups where different teams located in different rooms control different spaceships that must cooperate solving a joint mission. 

  • Touch screen setup
    Touch screen setup
  • Spaceship models used for tactical mapping
    Spaceship models used for tactical mapping
  • Enemies and obstacles
    Enemies and obstacles
  • The simulation setup with one team
    The simulation setup with one team
  • Sensors Officers screen
    Sensors Officers screen