Strategy activation

Today, most companies have a strong purpose and truly want to make a positive impact for a better tomorrow. But the journey from best intentions to real-world changes can be long and hard. Change rarely comes easy, and the success rate for traditional transformation processes is not encouraging.

One of the critical road-blocks that is holding companies back is insufficient focus on the human side of change. Underestimating the power of engagement and shared ownership, and failing to set a clear and meaningful direction where people know their role and contribution.

Workz is not a traditional management consultancy – we do not make strategies and our core expertise is not business analytics, industry benchmarking, or creating thick strategy slide decks. Instead, as a specialised change-agency, we are 100% focused on the human side of change and bringing the new strategy to life by actively engaging the organisation.  

Our approach and unique tools support three key components of a successful transformation:  

Creating a clear strategic direction and change narrative that connect the why, what, and how of the transformation in a meaningful way. We use storytelling and visitations to make change stories that speak to both hearts and minds. 

Using active involvement to build a strong sense of shared ownership and commitment behind the transformation. The momentum and impact of any strategy are directly correlated to the number of people who feel ownership for the needed changes.   

Enabling people to contribute and make a difference that matters. From providing leaders and change agents with the right training and tools, to clarifying change roadmaps and new ways of working.